Courtney lee- founder & designer  

I was so very fortunate to grow up in the best of both worlds! 

My Dad and grandfather were farmers where we had access to hundreds of acres of farmland, animals, tractors and gardens full of food we could just eat right out the ground or pick a pear or fig right off the tree! 

My mom and grandmother/aunt were city gals! My mother a hairdresser and my grandmother owned a boutique where she sold everything from jewelry and clothes to art and furniture! 

At an early age I was well aware of what good taste was! We were helping my aunt renovate homes at an early age of 8! From painting kitchen cabinets to stripping wallpaper with the steamer from the boutique ;) We attended the Atlanta and New York markets/shows along with modeling clothes on the catwalk! I have never NOT been associated with good design whether it was fashion or interiors! 

I wear several hats in my company! From consultations, selections, pillow making and repurposing furniture to online design, installs and managing orders! I am a part of every process! 


I started my home staging and design company because I saw first hand the need for it as a real estate agent. Countless homes I would walk through with my clients and immediately think about all of the things I would do to the property to easily improve it! I began staging my listings and realized I wanted to do more! 

From home staging to full on renovation and design came Upstaged!! Best career move I could have ever made! 

What I love most about my job is helping others. It is incredibly rewarding to watch a collection of ideas, passion, and creativity come to life! 

No job is too big or small! From paint selections to floor plan design I have experience in residential and commercial projects working with investors, builders, real estate agents, home owners, architects, vendors and charitable  organizations. No distance is too far as I offer online design and have traveled to different countries to offer my design services!