5 Trending Mirrors and How to Use Them

Hey ya’ll! One of the many questions I am asked frequently is about choosing the right mirror for your home. I have listed below 5 trending mirrors right now and how they can be used in your space.


Small mirrors are great to use as an accent and also can be put in groups! I love using small decorative mirrors with funky shapes above the bed to fill the empty space.


Using a mirror in your entry can make your space feel inviting and bright. Don’t be afraid to use a different material as we did here with this silver mirror and gold leaf console table. Mixing metals and textures is okay!


The shape of your mirror can play a very important role in defining any space. Round mirrors are great to use with a simple/minimalistic styled home or as an edgy modern accent.


A large mirror can really open up the room and give the illusion of more space. This mirror is great because it is large enough to stand out, but the simple frame flows and is not overwhelming the room.


I am a big fan these distressed/ vintage mirrors! The distressed wood frame with a beautiful white finish would look great in a “beachy” or country styled home.

Courtney Lee